DataDirect Networks (DDN) has relocated and expanded its Paris office to make space for the new ’European Advanced Technology Research and Development Center’.

The supercomputer storage specialist says that the office in Meudon is currently hiring developers, support personnel and field sales engineers, with a target of more than 50 employees this year.


DDN's Paris grand opening

“The brilliance of the researchers, scientists and engineers coming out of universities throughout Europe and nurtured in its enterprises, has compelled us to make a significant investment measured in tens of millions of euros to create a large scale advanced technology Center in Paris, France,” Alex Bouzari, CEO and co-founder of DDN, said.

“This Center will not only be one of our flagship research and development facilities in the World, it will also be an ideal incubator and platform for collaboration, joint innovation and support for our many valued European partners and customers.”

The R&D center will look at areas such as big data lifecycle management and attempt to answer questions like how to decrease the time it takes to make insights through analytics.

The facility will also work with local universities, such as the University of Versailles and the Velizey Engineering School (ISTY).

“DDN’s new Advanced Research and Development Centre demonstrates the growing significance of HPC in France and across Europe, and its dedication to investing in talent, partnerships and customers to continue to address the increasingly complex HPC and data challenges,” Gabriel Broner, VP and GM of High Performance Computing at SGI, said.