The Open Compute Project will lead the way as data centers have to become more open, says Amber Graner

Open standards will win out in the data center, and the wider infrastructures where they are placed, said Amber Graner, operations director at the Open Compute Project. 

“The Open Compute Project will be going much deeper and wider in 2017 and beyond, than we’ve ever been, to drive the success of openness in and around the data center, said Graner, in a video interview at DCD’s Zettastructure event in London in November. 

The zettastructure cannot be proprietary, she said: “Something that big requires multiple sets of eyes, and multiple disciplines. It requires way too many touch points for it to be a closed discussion.” 

The Zettastructure event included OCP engineering workshops, looking at the universal motherboard specification, and power architectures, with one group looking specifically at how to define an OCP colocation facility.