Data centers must consider sustainability, says Roel Castelein

Data centers are growing, but providers need to consider how to reduce their environmental impact, said Roel Castelein of the Green Grid in an interview with DCD

“Between 2001 and 2016, the growth of data is 1300 fold, meaning almost 100 times more data each year,” Roel Castelein, EMEA marketing director of The Green Grid said in an interview at DCD Zettastructure. “If you know that data requires power and energy to be stored, then the only way to go is to make sure that it is very sustainable.”

The Green Grid is an industry body dedicated to helping data centers become more efficicent. Its two biggest benefits are access to people with a lot of knowledge across different disciplines, and access to a knowledge base, with white papers on all aspects of making data centers sustainable, said Castelein.