Listen to the fourth episode in DCD's podcast series, Zero Downtime, where we discuss deploying robots in the data center.

Automation is key to managing data centers at scale, but robots in facilities often underwhelm. Most are customized Roombas-like machines or telepresence robots on wheels that look as likely to fall over and cause an accident as efficiently manage a 'lights out' data center.

Novva Data Centers, and its CEO Wes Swenson, however, are deploying Spot, the four-legged robot dog from Boston Dynamics, at the company's campus in Utah.

While the robot itself might be one of the most sophisticated machines on the market, it's still not a 'plug-and-play' deployment, and Swenson notes there is a lack of ecosystem to support robotics at infrastructure locations. DCD discusses the company's efforts to customize and deploy the machine at its facility, and the future plans for further automation.

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