What does a technologist do at a real estate company?

We talk to Digital Realty CTO Chris Sharp about the importance of understanding both the physical and virtual world, discuss the company's interconnection efforts, and do a quickfire round on which future technologies will transform the data center.

Sharp also discussed the proliferation of new data center ventures backed by new investment funds: "It takes a lot of capital to continually evolve and invest in what I only see as two in the world true data center platforms in the world that are operating at a level that I don't really see any other competitors [at]. I do have a lot of friends that have raised money, and it's a perpetual business that again requires capital every year. Our customers do not want to go into a facility that's going to go dark.

"...I think only a few people in the industry have true solution architects that really can sit down with a customer and not even talk about the space of power, or the interconnection, but talk about what are you trying to achieve with your business, and then an architecture is defined outside of that. Then you can deploy that in every market that matters to them."

Elsewhere in the podcast, Sharp talked about the energy supply crunch, and in a quick-fire round shared his views on hydrogen, post-lithium battery storage, and the Edge.