Generative AI has taken the world by storm, and risks disrupting entire industries.

But behind the technology is another transformation - that of compute, networking, supercomputers, cloud, and the data center.

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We spent the last four months talking to those building the infrastructure behind generative AI, for the next issue of the DCD Magazine.

In the largest feature in DCD's history, hear from:

  • Nidhi Chappell, Microsoft Azure's HPC and AI general manager
  • Amin Vahdat, Google's systems and services infrastructure team lead
  • Chetan Kapoor, Amazon's EC2 director
  • Andy Power, Digital Realty's CEO
  • Ian Buck, Nvidia's head of data centers and AI
  • Manuvir Das, Nvidia's VP of enterprise computing
  • Professor Satoshi Matsuoka, director of the RIKEN Center for Computational Science
  • Ivo Ivanov, DE-CIX's CEO
  • Andrew Feldman, Cerebras' CEO
  • Rodrigo Liang, SambaNova's CEO
  • Simon Knowles, Graphcore's CTO
  • Matt Mattina, Tenstorrent's head of AI
  • Brad McCredie, AMD's data center and accelerated processing CVP
  • Dr. Walter Riviera, Intel’s AI technical lead EMEA
  • Rishi Bommasani, co-founder of Stanford’s Center for Research on Foundation Models,
  • Jaime Sevilla, Epoch AI Research's director
  • Dylan Patel, SemiAnalysis' chief analyst
  • Shivanshu Purohit, EleutherAI's head of engineering and research engineer at Stability AI
  • Quentin Anthony, EleutherAI engineer
  • Finbarr Timbers, formerly at DeepMind, now Midjourney
  • Dr. Alex Hanna, director of research at the Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR)

Elsewhere in the magazine, we profile the CEOs of CyrusOne, NorthC, and Digital Edge, as well as talk to Google in depth in an exclusive look at its unique networking deployment 'Mission Apollo.'

We also have features on how the visual effects industry uses cloud and Edge, an explainer on PPAs, another on energy islands, a look at how AI can help data center supply chains, one on cloud repatriation, as well as telco-focused pieces on fiber shortages and OpenRAN, and more.

The magazine will be out next week, and is completely free.

DCD account holders can click the link below to subscribe to the magazine (they will also be sent to the previous issue), while non-account holders should instead see a form. We hope you subscribe!