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This issue we take a look at an ambitious new approach to chip design - We're used to exponential growth in computing power, a constant beat of significant improvements in chip design that allow for the technological advances we take for granted. But we're reaching the limit of current methods. Progress is slowing, as Moore's Law, Dennard scaling and von Neumann's architecture all show their age.

With the demands of AI workloads proving too much for these conventional approaches, there are those trying something different. For the cover feature, we look at efforts to use phase-change memory to usher in a new age of deep learning.

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Stack Infrastructure's CEO on his $850m plan

DCD Magazine Issue 33 Phase-Change Memory
– Dot McHugh/DCD

Elsewhere in the magazine, we talk to Brian Cox, CEO of wholesale colocation provider Stack Infrastructure, about what the new company plans to do with data centers from Infomart and T5, as well as $850m in cash.

Smartening up

Learn how data centers use artificial intelligence to keep cool, lower power, and optimize workloads. From Google's DeepMind, to Nlyte's DCIM, to Huawei's iCooling, and IBM's Watson, different companies are turning to automation to squeeze efficiency out of their data centers.

Not just stacks of Macs in racks

Apple technology is not meant to live in a data center - and yet, there are businesses that need to use Apple hardware at an enterprise scale. In an effort to fit this square peg in a round hole (or in this case a cylindrical Mac in a rectangular hole), MacStadium has built a business running Macs in data centers. We talk to the company about the challenges of fitting consumer gear in racks, the careful act of maintaining a relationship with Apple, and catch up with them days after Apple's latest event to discuss the upcoming 2019 Mac Pro.

Servers need more memory

We talk to Kingston about the need to ram more RAM into your data center.

The cloud is not killing enterprise IT

Andy Lawrence reveals the results of Uptime Intelligence's study into the death - or lack of - the enterprise data center. Despite the growth of cloud services, the tipping point is still some years away.

The Edge supplement

A bumper supplement tackling the fundamental questions surrounding Edge computing - from the cost, to the connectivity, to how it is processed, and more. Hear from industry experts, and from DCD's readers, to learn where the Edge will live.

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