In the latest issue of the DCD Magazine, we uncover how Google treats its data center contract workforce. Read our six-month investigation into low pay, harsh conditions, and labor violations.

We speak to contractors, Google employees, activists, and labor rights researchers about the secret life of the people that help the Internet keep running.

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Also in the magazine: Sunevision's CEO

Raymond Tong talks to Peter Judge about building a growing business in Hong Kong, despite renewable energy limitations, and a unique political climate

Data center water usage in a time of droughts

Just how many trillions of gallons of water do US data centers use? The industry won't tell us, but new research offers some idea of the vast scale

Revisiting Equinix's ransomware

How the colocation giant prevented a devastating attack

Submarine cables are changing

Hyperscalers are upending submarine cable economics

Processing the universe

Exploring the compute and networking needs of the world's largest radio telescope, the Square Kilometer Array

Take a bath

Why one small English council turned a listed building into a data center

Satellite attacks

Charting the history of physical attacks on satellite infrastructure - and what it means for space networks

The Colo & Cloud supplement

How colocation has adapted to the age of the hyperscale cloud, what that means for cyber security, and what we can learn from Dropbox's Magic Pocket

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Last issue, we told you Dan Swinhoe and Graeme Burton had joined the editorial team. Now I am really happy to announce that Claire Fletcher, formerly the editor of Data Centre Review and Electrical Review, has also joined the team. We're hoping to grow even more, and you can help support independent journalism by subscribing to the magazine for free today.

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