Mats Anderson talks to us about the Lefdal Mine data center project

In this video Mats Anderson, marketing director for Lefdal Mine Datacenter, talks about the architecture of the facility - expected to become Europe’s largest data center, with 120,000 square meters (1,291,669 sq ft) of white space and 200MW+ of power.

Anderson takes DCD through the fundamentals of the scalable, modular data center ahead of its official launch on Wednesday.

We will be there when Lefdal opens, reporting directly from the mine. We will also be posting the live video of the opening ceremony, which will include presentations from The Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Norway, Lefdal Mine Datacenter management and employees from partners Rittal and IBM.

If you can’t get to Lefdal, you can join a live webcast of the launch - click here