A mysterious outfit called Datacenter.com has broken ground on a 10MW data center in Amsterdam.

Little is known about the company - its website is still under construction - but it promises to offer carrier-neutral colocation services powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

The first phase of the project, codenamed AMS01, is expected to open in early 2017.

Datacenter.com AMS01
Datacenter.com AMS01 (3D render) – Datacenter.com

Out of nowhere

Datacenter.com is building a 10,900 square meter facility that will offer 5,000 square meters of white space, as well as office space and machine rooms.

The site is located in the southeast of Amsterdam – a city that hosts one of Europe’s most active data center markets. Thanks to the choice of location, the data center will be able to tap into dozens of carrier networks.

The company said it is planning to create “Amsterdam’s most energy and cost-efficient commercial data center, with the lowest power and cooling consumption per IT unit” – however it didn’t volunteer any details on how it hopes to achieve this lofty goal.

“Our new data center facility in Amsterdam allows us to meet the increasing demand for secure and scalable data center services from businesses and industries worldwide. Thus, revealing the true potential of data-driven digital transformation through globalization,” Jochem Steman, CEO at Datacenter.com said in a statement.

“With our colocation services, we are supporting businesses by providing a highly secured, solid foundation. This will enable them to fully leverage the opportunities brought by the digital economy.”