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American data center service provider CyrusOne plans to use revenues generated by Cincinnati Bell’s telecommunications operations to expand its footprint in the Asia Pacific and Europe in coming years.

Cincinnati Bell bought CyrusOne in May last year. CyrusOne CEO Dave Ferdman said the arrangement allows CyrusOne to operate the same way it did previously, but with extra revenue for investment.

“We are taking the cash from Cincinnati Bell’s legacy business and investing it into CyrusOne, so we are accelerating our expansion by building more data centers in the US, looking at acquisitions and beginning our international strategy which includes our new data center in London and then the Asia Pacific in 2011 or some time in 2012.

“Our greatest request from customers is in Singapore and Hong Kong (for Asia Pacific presence),” Ferdman said. “I think they like the British common law and see it as good for infrastructure and much safer bets than other markets in the Asia Pacific.”

According to Ferdman, CyrusOne has the largest share of Fortune 1000 companies in its data centers in the US than any other colocation player. A large portion of these are companies based in the energy market.

CyrusOne calls its service offering Datacenter-as-a-Service, taking on all aspects of data center operations from migration to service delivery.

It’s build-outs in the Asia Pacific and Europe, and new data center in the US which are also likely to be announced in coming years, will be constructed using a highly redundant and high-density design, according to Ferdman.

“The data centers all look alike but won’t be exactly alike,” Ferdman said. “We control the design and operation and then go through a bidding process, so the labour is the part that differs.”