British power distribution equipment manufacturer Mardix is set to be merged with Anord Control Systems, following a major investment by private equity firm Bertram Capital.

Bertram Capital made a similar investment in Anord in May 2017.

The combined entity will be known as the Anord-Mardix Group, offering critical power solutions for commercial and industrial buildings, including data centers. It will own 400,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities across North America, the UK and Europe.

Two become one

Anord is a supplier of power distribution equipment headquartered in Dundalk, Ireland, with manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US. The company was founded in 1969, and has built up considerable expertise in data centers: its products include switchgear, PDUs, UPS systems and busway systems, as well as fully modular plantroom and substation solutions.

Mardix was founded in 1966 and headquartered in Kendal, England. It makes many of the same products, including low and medium voltage switchgear, PDUs, busway systems and packaged substations, with three manufacturing facilities in the UK. The company runs a healthy data center business and has a dedicated service division.

“The combination of Anord and Mardix unifies two of the best brands in the industry, whom have a collective pedigree of 100 years in the critical power equipment industry,” said Kevin Yamashita, partner at Bertram.

The exact amount invested by Bertram Capital is not disclosed, but the private equity firm stated that Mardix shareholders and senior leadership team will retain a “significant ownership stake” in the combined company.

“Bringing together Anord and Mardix is a perfect example of Bertram’s approach to investing and the relationships we build with both our management teams and the surrounding ecosystem,” added Jeff Drazan, managing partner at Bertram.

“By building strong ties to the founders of Mardix over the past six years and a ten year relationship with several key, senior executives at Anord who ran a prior Bertram investment, we were able to effect the merger of these two highly complementary businesses. We believe there is further opportunity to consolidate best-of-breed companies in this sector.”