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ChinaCache, the China-based provider of content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services, has established a subsidiary in Europe with an office in London.

This marks ChinaCache’s formal entry to the European market, a move which aims to gradually cover the whole EMEA market with Europe as the core.

The European subsidiary is expected to help Chinese enterprises operate in the EMEA market, and improve network access to EMEA and China for local European companies, including large conglomerates, operators, solution integrators and channel partners.

ChinaCache has 16 years of experience of CDN service operations, and will offer a range of services including network delivery, website acceleration, networking solutions, high-definition video and broadcast, internet data centre (IDC) and customized network solutions.

Coming to Europe
Song Wang, the founder, chairman and CEO of ChinaCache said: "The establishment of the European subsidiary will greatly enhance our leading position in the domestic (CDN) industry; and by further cultivating the international CDN market, we will be on par with world-class network service providers.”

ChinaCache also announced a new customer in its data center in Acecsys in the Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone. It will build a customized cloud data center there for the Beijing Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives.

The Federation joins existing customers including, a large-scale cloud platform constructed by People's Daily; the service offers cloud computing and cloud storage to's growing user base using ChinaCache's resources.


ChinaCache's Atecsys facility broke ground in 2014, and is expected to bring more than 7,500 racks online upon completion in 2015. The project is being built as a cloud facility with high Tier standards. Its main business model is to sell customized data centers to large customers and provide them with operation and maintenance service at a later stage.

ChinaCache is one of earliest CDN services to get a license from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It has more than 19,000 servers running across the world, which serve tens of thousands of companies operating in Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania.