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Healthcare IT solutions provider Cerner has signed with Equinix' UK-based operations for the delivery of remote hosting operations to the UK's National Health Service (NHS) Trusts and private healthcare organizations.

Using Equinix' London 5 (LD5) International Business Exchange data center, Cerner will offer healthcare providers remote hosting with an emphasis on security, hardware and connectivity as part of a solution that will be available from today.

According to Cerner, the "service allows healthcare providers to take advantage of Cerner's administrative, clinical and patient care solutions, and coupled with Equinix's data centre services, allows NHS trusts and other organisations to cost-effectively build, maintain and secure an HIT infrastructure, without the usual upfront capital and resource investment needed". 

Last week Cerner reported a Q3 profit increase due to higher bookings and revenue of US$60.9m, comparied to Q3 profit of US$48.4m last year.

Cerner CEO and Chairman said the rise was a result of increasing demand seen for healthcare IT services.

According to a report on Datacenter Knowledge last week, Cerner was reportedly seeking $50m in industrial revenue bonds from Kansas City in the US so it could build its own 50,000 sq ft warehouse and data center.

It said it had earmarked a building already for the US$63m project.