Singapore-based Bridge Data Centres has announced that it will be investing $400 to $500 million in India over the next two years. It is also in the advanced stages spending a further $220 to $250 million on acquisitions in the Asia Pacific region.

Bridge Data Centres plans to assemble a portfolio of high quality facilities in India and around the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, and its strategy include both greenfield facilities and acquisition. Indeed, it says it plans to set up a greenfield facility in Mumbai and aims to expand across APAC including Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines.

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New investment

Bridge Data Centres is founded in partnership with Bain Capital by industry veterans Michael Foust and Kris Kumar, both of who were formerly Digital Realty executives. Foust was the CEO of Digital Realty Trust, while Kumar was the regional head of Asia Pacific.

“Bridge Data Centres aims to build a leadership position through market disruption. Currently the market is underserved and supply-constrained and does not have world-class data center facilities and operations. We plan to change this in the coming years and set the standard for data center infrastructure in India,” said Michael Foust, the executive chairman of Bridge Data Centres.

In response to a query from DCD, Foust confirmed that Bridge Data Centres will operate its own data center facilities. He wrote: “Our senior management team has deep experience acquiring, developing and operating the mission critical facilities. We have extensive relationships in the various markets to recruit the necessary professional staff to deliver world class service for our customers.

“We plan to bring a differentiated product into the country that will define reliability, efficiency and scalability. By bringing a laser-sharp focus to our business model and offering in a market that is ripe for disruption, we will ‘stick to our knitting’ and operate in a space we know best,” said Kris Kumar, CEO of Bridge Data Centres.