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Basho Technologies has integrated its cloud-storage software Riak CS with OpenStack, the popular open-source cloud architecture.


Basho announced availability of release 1.4 of the Riak CS and Riak CS Enterprise solutions earlier this week. In addition to formal integration with OpenStack, the new version of Riak CS, which Basho open-sourced in March, has improved performance and manageability according to Basho.


The new version of Riak CS Enterprise, Basho's commercial offering, performas better in multi-data-center replication situations by allowing for concurrent channels, the company explained. Full capacity of the network and cluster size can scale performance to available sources.


Greg Collins, Basho's president and CEO, said the company was seeing “impressive” market adoption, particularly from service providers that use its software to add large object storage. “This release continues our commitment of providing simple and accessible cloud storage for a broad range of cloud computing platforms and use cases,” he said.


“With the addition of OpenStack integration and significant performance improvements, Riak CS 1.4 also appeals strongly to enterprises building their own object storage or adopting a hybrid-cloud deployment methodology.”


The built-in OpenStack integration with Riak CS 1.4 means support for OpenStack's Keystone authentication service and compatibility with OpenStack Object Storage API (Application Programming Interface).


The release has improved performance of large bucket query operations and introduces secondary indexing pagination, which allows for sperformance improvements of large bucket query requests.


There are also improvements to the user API, which allow operators greater flexibility in managing Riak CS user information, while also improving the agility and responsiveness.


Changes to how Riak CS handles object block retrieval will decrease intracluster bandwidth by 67% and improve download performance, the company said.


Concurrent channels of communication in Riak CS 1.4 Enterprise enhance replication capabilities by taking advantage of all available network resources.