Bulk Infrastructure and Amazon Web Services have entered into an agreement to allow the cloud giant use of Bulk Infrastructure’s submarine cable Havfrue.

The agreement includes access to Bulk Infrastructure's data centers in Southern Norway as well as Havfrue connectivity from New Jersey, US to Ireland, Norway and Denmark, and other European locations.

Havfrue – Bulk Infrastructure

From Norway to New Jersey

Havfrue was commissioned by Bulk, as well as Facebook and Google, and is being deployed by TESubCom. While Bulk will be the owner and landing party for the Norwegian branch of the system, submarine cable supplier and operator Aqua Comms will operate most of the full line.

The cable is expected to be up and running later this year.

Owner and founder of Bulk Infrastructure, Peder Nærbø, said: “It is a testament to our company that Amazon Web Services have entered into this agreement with us for a significant portion of our trans-Atlantic subsea cable network. This agreement also recognizes our commitment to enable the great potential that the Nordic region has to offer as an attractive platform for cost efficient and sustainable digital services.”

Nærbø is speaking at DCD > Energy Smart next week, examining where the Nordics currently lies in its journey to global data center hubs for the hyperscalers.

Bulk Infrastructure is a Norwegian holding company specialized in logistics and data center real estate development as well as long-haul fiber operation and management.