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Ascent Corporation, is planning to develop a second Chicago-area data center, CH2.

The site is close to Microsoft's Northlake Data Center, a purpose-built data center developed by Ascent last year and will share the same power and connectivity capabilities. It will be built around 'Dynamic Data Center Suites' that was developed for CH1 prior to Microsoft taking sole occupancy of the facility.

The 250,000+ square foot structure scheduled for completion at the end of 2009, will provide customers with the option to operate in a wholesale colocation environment as well as the flexibility to house their information in Dynamic Data Center Suites completely independent of other tenants.

The suites are customizable units that can maintain their own shipping and receiving docks, entrance doors, branded lobbies and personnel. Additionally, customers can choose among a variety of space and operational options, including selecting raised floors or on slab; chilled water or air-side cooling; container-based compute or racks; and the level of power density and energy efficiency to achieve their corporate sustainability initiatives.

The space will be offered on a basic powered shell and core to a fully constructed, turnkey space. The no shared model gives customers a data center in which no indoor or outdoor space is shared, ensuring dedicated infrastructure and maximum security.

"The new Northlake data center, CH2, is designed to be a completely flexible environment, enabling customers to choose the most appropriate option for their needs. Dynamic Data Center Suites represent the future of the data center - this is the first time customers will have the option to fully customize their infrastructures," said Phil Horstmann, CEO, Ascent Corporation. "Planning the new data center geographically near the 707,000 square foot facility we developed last year in Northlake also enables customers to take advantage of the same power and connectivity capabilities."

The new facility will feature a dedicated utility substation with dual diverse connections to the transmission grid, yielding a powerful yet energy efficient data center. The substation is being constructed onsite, providing highly efficient energy delivery, increased power capacity and lower operating costs. Compute spaces in CH2 will range from 10,000-250,000+ square feet, and customers will have the option to maintain self-sufficient suites or utilize Ascent's data center expertise throughout the build-out phase, as well as take advantage of fully managed maintenance services.