With sustainability essential to not only the continuity of the data center industry, but also to the continuity of the planet, the DCD Carbon Champion Award has never been more poignant.

Those companies who innovate with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint, increasing sustainability, and limiting the impact they have on the environment are highly deserving of recognition for their hard work.

With Schneider Electric placing sustainability at the heart of its ethos, there is no more appropriate award for the company to sponsor.

On discussing the Carbon Champion Award, Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division’s Vice President Marc Garner said to DCD, “at Schneider Electric, sustainability is core to our DNA. It's our purpose. It's our culture. It's everything we strive towards in terms of a greener, more sustainable world. I'm so impressed and inspired by the finalists here today and the contributions towards a greener, more sustainable industry.”

This years Carbon Champion Award went to Digital Realty for their innovative river cooling MRS2 and MRS3 Project.

Not only has Digital Realty’s investment in Marseille made the city a leading Internet Hub, it has also found a way to cool the the data centers with water from the local river system.

Waste water from a local mine that would usually be pumped into the river and out to see is now redirected to the campus and used as a chilled water source to reduce cooling energy needs. The result is a facility with a PUE of 1.2, and saving up to 18,400MWh of energy per year.

Digital Realty is demonstrating to the industry that sometimes simpler, is better. By turning to the resources naturally available to them, 22 MW is cooled and saves 795 tons of CO2 at full load. Needless to say, it is an impressive accomplishment.