One of our panellists for our ever-popular Technology Showcase on Day one of Building the Edge: Virtual, is SoftIron a global leader in task specific data center appliances. We are excited for the team from SoftIron to showcase their new HyperDrive Management Tool, which radically simplifies the deployment and management of Ceph - the leading open-source software defined storage platform.

Make sure you tune into the live session, for a demo that showcases SoftIron’s feature-rich management tool which takes away much of the complexity of working with Ceph, providing a powerful and simple interface for system administrators to manage their systems.

SoftIron is a world-leader in task-specific appliances for scale-out data center solutions. SoftIron is unique in that their purpose-built hardware is designed, developed and assembled in California, and are the only manufacturers to offer auditable provenance. The HyperDrive Management Tool is custom-designed to optimize Ceph.

Ceph, a complex but powerful system is often underutilized by system administrators. SoftIron have developed a solution that allows administrators to more easily utilize Ceph to its fullest capabilities.

The engineers at SoftIron are helping rewrite the enterprise data center blueprint. The unique integration of hardware and sleek graphical user interfaces, repositions Ceph as an easy to use, but powerful tool.

SoftIron will talk about the unique features of the HyperDrive Management Tool, including: the auto-discovery wizard, failed disc location and visualization, end-to-end support and much, much more.

Ensure you tune into the live panel, to hear from the industry’s best.