Our guide through this fascinating topic is a genuine expert with over 25 years of experience in the IT & Telecom sectors across APAC & Middle East, Sanjay Motwani, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Legrand.

Motwani presented a session explaining how owner-operators are approaching the ongoing need to add power capacity to meet increasing operational requirements that deliver resilience, efficiency and agility, at the recent DCD>Asia Pacific event. Which, if you didn’t catch it live, is now available on demand by clicking here or filling in the form at the bottom of this story.

At the heart of all the developments is change, or more specifically as Motwani outlines, rapidly evolving consumer behaviour: “The way we use mobile, the way we view news, the way we engage with entertainment - it’s all rapidly changed over the past few years. Businesses need to adapt and change at the same speed at which consumer behaviour is changing.”

“When businesses are changing at speed, I see it a bit like flying into a storm. The technologies are evolving and consumer behaviour is dynamic. With this change, the skill sets required are also changing.”

Motwani continued; “How do we manage our infrastructure? How do we manage the data centre? How do we ensure that the existing teams can upgrade their skill sets? Through change you are reaching out to newer and newer geographies. So, like in a storm, it's a pretty bumpy ride!”

“In this scenario it becomes critical for the IT team to be able to adapt and optimise. Flexibility being the key word here. In particular the infrastructure which one has to build has to be very, very flexible. In a dynamic world, we need to be dynamic as well” adds Motwani.

In this lively and interactive session, which concluded with a Q+A from an expert global audience, other areas discussed include designing the load, identifying spare capacity, measuring power in real time and investment decisions. So watch today!