For data center players, energy efficiency is a primary goal and companies are committed to reducing their emissions to zero, as anyone working in a mission critical facility knows. But what if you knew another way to optimize the efficiency of your facilities and reduce your costs, increasing reliability with a seamless, non-intrusive solution?

Recent research by the Ponemon Institute reveals that cost constraints are increasing the risk of unplanned outages in both edge and core data centers. Even facilities that prioritize availability over cost minimization are not always making the necessary investments to reduce downtime risks. Today’s data center managers are dealing with increased complexity and balancing multiple and sometimes conflicting cost priorities that can compromise availability. However, the reality is that shutdown costs can often be higher than the investments needed to avoid them.

Energy efficiency, which is driven by both cost and environmental concerns in today’s mission critical facilities, was cited by the Ponemon Institute researchers as the highest priority for both edge and core facilities, indicating that organizations around the world are taking a similar approach to energy efficiency at the core and the edge.

Unfortunately, this approach makes today’s data center networks more vulnerable to downtime than ever before.

What if the tool to optimize the efficiency of your facilities, reducing costs and your carbon footprint while increasing reliability with a simple and non-intrusive solution already exists?

What if...?

Joaquin Rodriguez – TycheTools

Joaquin Rodriguez has been selected as its new chief executive officer. He´s assumed the new role on October 20th , 2020, and will also sit on the company’s board of directors.

“I am honored to have been elected as TycheTools next CEO. It is a privilege to be part of an organization that delivers high quality services and innovative solutions to the best clients in the market,” said Joaquin.
We are an organization led by a single purpose – continuous innovation to provide the insights our customers need to transform and improve their businesses. I will do my best helping our people to fulfill their passion to make a difference.”

Ken Dubin, Executive Chairman, stated that “Joaquin´s decision to join TycheTools is a wonderful Proof of Concept; we believe that with this critical leadership addition to our team, we inaugurate a new and decisive phase in the growth and consolidation of TycheTools Group, Ltd.”

Joaquin was previously the Managing Director for Southern Europe at Vertiv and Emerson Network Power (global leaders in data center infrastructure) and the Operational Tech and Service director for Chloride and ADT/Sensormatic, where he also served on the boards of three companies within Tyco International Group.