Covid-19 has impacted every corner of the globe. In Asia, businesses are forced to embrace new paradigms and explore alternative approaches in the face of an ongoing pandemic. But how can they stay ahead and thrive in this challenging landscape through digital transformation?

For many, traditional ways of doing business must change. This means embracing innovation to stay ahead in a constantly evolving business landscape and turning to technology to offer better services and work more efficiently.

In its seventh year, the Philippine Digital Convention 2021 once again gathers international delegates and thought-leaders for one of the country’s top technology conferences. Held virtually this year, the conference aims to provide business leaders with a venue where they can connect with global thought leaders and industry experts to convene and discuss novel ways of doing business.

Speaking at a virtual media launch event for the conference, Jovy Hernandez, the president and CEO of PLDT Enterprise, observed that the continuing effect of the pandemic is a central conversation at this year’s edition.

“Covid-19 has disrupted the very fundamentals of life; the socioeconomic pressures are painfully real and are felt by all. Some say it is a pandemic no more, it is now endemic to the very fabric of what we call life. Some say this is part of human evolution,” he said.

Businesses should not lose heart, however, but instead embrace change as part of their revolution, says Hernandez, citing the theme of this year’s conference.

“This year's convention is aimed at promoting a revolutionary shift in thinking to harness technology and effectively navigate the new world of business. This revolution is mandating us not only to refresh our strategies but more importantly to rethink and rewire our mindsets and attitudes.”

“We hope that this convention will serve as the executive mindfulness session for all our delegates, allowing them to see how we can harness the power of technology not only for our business but more importantly, on how we can improve lives for our countrymen.”


According to Hernandez, the main difference for this year’s conference is how speakers have already implemented the technologies that they will be sharing about. And the conference is not just geared towards large enterprises but is just as pertinent for small businesses, who can benefit as they learn how to use technology as an equalizer.

“These are going to be concrete examples from business and industries on how these technologies were adopted. It is going to be a really good learning experience for a lot of business owners in the community moving forward,” said Hernandez.

So what role is PLDT playing to help businesses stay resilient during this challenging time? PLDT chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan noted that connectivity has become a fundamental need for businesses, individuals, and institutions connect. This is a role that the PLDT Group continues to fulfill with relevant coverage, quality of service, and on-demand services that users and businesses require.

On its part, PLDT Enterprise is working hard to translate the digital revolution down to the grassroots level, from small businesses to individuals such as farmers. “There are many, many things that technology can do [to help businesses stay resilient]. You need the infrastructure, but you also need the solutions, you need the brains to be able to say, to translate it into better services and solutions that people need,” he summed up.