As cooling accounts for up to 40% of a data centres' total energy bill, the importance of finding a best fit solution cannot be understated. But today, "best" includes not only performance and efficiency, but sustainability credentials too, thus giving operators a lot to consider.

In our latest eBook, our expert editorial team explores what the future of data centre cooling really looks like including:

  • The critical need for efficient cooling systems in maintaining data center uptime and ensuring maximum operating efficiency
  • Cooling solutions that utilize newer technologies, such as liquid cooling and intelligent controls to significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs
  • How data center operators can use temperature and humidity control to prevent equipment damage and system failures
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different cooling solutions and how they impact energy efficiency and cost
  • How the proper installation and maintenance of cooling systems can help prevent costly downtime and prolong the lifespan of critical data center equipment
  • An in-depth exploration of modular and smart cooling systems
  • Case studies from companies who have implemented innovative cooling solutions in their data centers to improve performance and reduce costs