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Panel: Is Jim Chanos' $200m data center short a bad bet?

When news broke that hedge fund manager, Jim Chanos' next 'big short', who remains best-known for accurate prediction of Enron's demise, would be the data center REIT, the sector was quick to mount a stellar defence against the notion that "brick-and-mortar legacy data centers' could lose ground to the cloud "...their enemy, and not their business" - as commonly stated.

While demand for data center capacity has never been stronger, particularly in the aftermath of the the pandemic propelling the rise of e-commerce, the development of internet industries and big data to new heights, cloud deployment has been largely responsible for the growth of the wholesale data center space.

This fireside chat will hone in on the future of the data center REIT market amid a challenging economic environment. Is the sector recession-proof? And if so, can it maintain success as cloud revenues continue to soar?