Marriott Marquis, Times Square

New Tech on the Block: Innovation Showcase

Data center industry stalwart, Peter Gross once said "...the data center industry loves innovation, as long as it's ten years old"!

In this Innovation Hour, hosted by Bill Kleyman, we bring some of the newest and most exciting technologies to the stage and ask their developers how the industry is responding. From cutting-edge construction technologies to the latest advances in reducing the sector's environmental footprint, this tech deep-dive will give us a glimpse of what lies ahead for the industry.

2:00 pm - Cirrus Nexus - AI-driven recommendations to manage the carbon impact of your cloud footprint

2:15 pm OpenSpace - 360° cameras, computer vision, and AI: bringing transparency to data center construction

2:30pm H20k Innovations - IoT sensors + AI combine to drive operational efficiency of industrial liquid systems

2:45: - Scaling dense compute with zero emissions using responsible AI and the cloud