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Major Panel: What have intensive supply chain disruptions taught us about data center design, deployment and sourcing?

If data is the new oil, data centers are the new oil field given the tons of concrete and steel structures being erected all around the globe on account of the world's demand for high speed access to the internet. And, whilst the digital infrastructure market in North America remains buoyant, the rapid growth and demand which more than tripled year-over-year in H1 2022, according to CBRE, could diminish this year given land availability, power capacity in primary markets such as Northern Virginia and Silicon Valley in addition to staffing and material shortages which are being felt globally.

With this in mind, and demand continuing to increase, how will the process of capacity planning, strategic sourcing and project management need to adapt in an industry where the 'buy side' are competing for the same parcels of land, access to sustainable power, construction crew and M&E equipment? We ask our panel of supply chain experts to outline their thoughts on the top supply chain risks this year and how they plan to navigate a prolonged period producing 'more' with 'less'.