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DCD>Debate: The business case for heat reuse - is it just a pipe dream?

Liquid cooling offers high quality waste heat and the opportunity for effective heat reuse. Yet the concept is far from becoming mainstream despite its sustainable credentials. So what needs to be done to transition from nice to have to future requirement, and is this even viable?

From location constraints and PUE issues, to finding actual users and integrating into brownfield sites, this debate will tackle the realities and practicalities of heat reuse. What are the infrastructure requirements both for data center design and for connection to district heating systems? How will it impact the future of intelligent cooling? What are the incentives to participate? How can the industry build a business case for heat reuse - and should we be? We ask the experts.

Held under Chatham House Rule, DCD>Debates are open discussions led by a panel of experts, on the biggest issues to face the industry.