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Park Plaza Westminster

Major Panel: The grid interactive data center; how can the industry lead the energy transition?

Data centers have a huge untapped capacity to be a beneficial addition to the communities they are seeking to expand into, and grid interconnected facilities are probably the best and most actionable example of how this can be achieved with today's technology. Developments in hourly based clean energy generation, and hourly grid emissions, only add to this opportunity for the industry to bring social benefits as it grows.

This panel will debate how the data center can become a dynamic part of the future grid, examining the key drivers, the opportunities for monetisation, and how fast this new area is developing. In this 360º conversation, experts from Google, Iron Mountain and FlexiDAO will share their learnings from recent success cases, debunking the myths around carbon accounting and energy certification, and examine the importance of moving toward a 24/7 mindset and the global quest for granularity and transparency in sustainability reporting.