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Advanced Predictive Maintenance through deep component visibility, on a single pane of glass

For data center operators, the ability to ensure the highest levels of availability and reliability, as well as avoid unplanned outages and downtime, offers the potential to decrease operating and maintenance costs. This is enabled by monitoring actual condition of all your data center critical assets; mechanical, electrical, IT and network equipment as well as moving away from reactive or preventive maintenance towards advanced predictive maintenance.

Digital capabilities provide data center operators deeper component visibility of their mission critical infrastructure, thus helping them minimize the maintenance costs while maintaining the highest levels of reliability and availability. Increasing the level of digitalization by applying the latest machine learning algorithms and analytics with cloud computing can estimate component lifetimes and propose maintenance to reduce the risk of failure.

Real time visibility helps reduce MTTR & improve operational efficiency. In addition, real time visibility combined with new possibilities of big data analytics mean more accurate tracking of trends, letting you predict potential problems / initiate automated actions on converged electrical, mechanical and IT infrastructure

This interactive session will allow participants to dive deeper into the digital solutions and automation that enable unprecedented levels of insight into data center behaviour and share their view on the following topics.

  • What is the best level of system integration or independency in data centre mission critical infrastructure monitoring and control?
  • How far can we go with the automated decision making and operation without jeopardizing the safety and security?
  • What is the advantage keeping the big data and the analytics on premise? How does compare to moving it to the Edge or to the Cloud?