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Closing fireside chat: In conversation with Microsoft: unpicking the journey to carbon negative

This session took place on September 23, 2021

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In conversation with Microsoft: unpicking the journey to carbon negative

The latest IPCC report and Global Climate experts show scientific evidence that if we can't drastically reduce carbon emissions, our planet shall face more catastrophic consequences. We must take responsible actions as global citizens and cloud infrastructure pioneers to deliver on the carbon neutral pledge. Microsoft has led the charge and operated as a carbon neutral company since 2012, and in January, their President, Brad Smith announced the company’s commitment to going carbon negative by 2030.

The journey to carbon negative takes ambition and actions, it requires thought leadership and industry collaboration in each step. In this fireside chat, Jim Collins, Head of Energy Markets, Microsoft, and Susanna Kass, Energy Fellow, BOD of InfraPrime, a net zero cloud infrastructure inventor will share insights and experience of a pragmatic approach of achieving cloud business growth in hyperscale; working around a grid is not green all the time and on resilience of the energy grid that is not at 99.999% uptime performance on how to achieve simultaneous energy resiliency and clean energy sustainability.