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Panel Discussion - Understanding the ROI of UPS technology

This session took place on November 30, 2023

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Panel Discussion - Understanding the ROI of UPS technology

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Experts will examine the practical applications of the Eaton 9395X UPS for clients, highlighting improvements in sustainability, total cost of ownership, simplification for speed of deployment and operational benefits focused to resiliency and reliability. This will open up a discussion on how these features bring benefits and competitive advantages to the data center industry as well as the broader electrical system when utilising the EnergyAware functionality that makes the UPS grid-interactive.

A TCO analysis will look at how the 9395X adds value to design, implementation, operation and retirement throughout the full lifecycle of the data centre. This discussion will also address the life cycle cost of the equipment and its potential to further boost your ROI as well as grid-interactivity in the context of revenue streams, improving commercial efficiencies, and contributing to sustainability goals without impacting the primary role of UPS. Finally, we'll discuss the significance of the Eaton 9395X UPS in the field of continuous power solutions.

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