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Will NYC data centers be diesel free anytime soon?

If you are an avid networker, naturally inquisitive and eager to return to an interactive learning environment, albeit virtually, we would like to invite you to join up to 10 of your peers during a themed series of roundtable discussions.

We encourage you to have your say on two pivotal subjects we have addressed during the day's proceedings using state-of-the-art a video conferencing platform, Swapcard.

On September 3rd at 15:00pm EDT (UTC-4), DCD will host a free-to-attend roundtable delving deep into your thoughts on the future of diesel power in the NYC-based data center - will alternative or synthetic fuel supersede diesel in the near future and if so, what is the likely time frame? How many organizations are looking at this and do clean energy pledges mandate the gradual remove of diesel from the data center?

This is your opportunity to state your opinion - we want to hear from you.

Registered delegates can pre-book their seat at the roundtable here