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Converged Infrastructure: Schneider Electric’s Prefab Technology Evolution

Over the years, the pressure on data center owners & operators to build faster, cheaper, and more reliably, has driven advances in construction methodologies and equipment innovations. Now more than ever, space and footprint have become huge factors as data center buildouts focus more on optimizing revenue-generating white space while reducing building space used for electrical and mechanical infrastructure. This working lunch presentation will address the industry trends, such as hyperscale and edge deployments, that are increasing the need for and adoption for prefab solutions. In addition to providing you with an overview of their current prefab and modular offer, Schneider will give you a preview into their research and development efforts which move beyond incremental improvements and dramatically advance the basis of prefabrication. This working lunch will consist of an open dialogue between yourself and Schneider Electric, allowing you a unique opportunity to voice your opinion on their prefab and modular offer roadmap.