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Panel: How’s the story of the European edge unfolding?

This session took place on October 12, 2021

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Panel: How’s the story of the European edge unfolding?

The way we now live, work, learn, and consume has not only created a greater dependency on the edge, but in fact shaped it. Proofs of concept have been completed, strategic investment roadmaps drawn up, and partnership models created - the European Edge is a very dynamic, exciting space. However, despite the many different visions of what edge is and will be, the fact remains that the customer is king and reaching them comes with highly regionalised factors to consider.

This panel will analyse where Europe sits in the context of global edge developments, what the geographic locations for future edge compute will be, and the challenges faced when expanding to meet demand beyond the established markets. The panelists will also explore the strategic plays and how to integrate the edge across industries.

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