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Macrotrends and methods for liquid cooling

This session took place on May 4, 2022

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Macrotrends and methods for liquid cooling

The roadmap to liquid cooling - Are we now well on the way?

The innovation and adoption of new technologies are always trailblazed by leaders in any industry, and the same is true of the data center’s move to liquid cooling. With so many options available, the market is looking to hyperscalers and colos to identify the best-in-class methods of cooling, in a time where there is no consensus of which method will be the dominant path forward.

This session will assess what has been learned so far from the data center giants, and consider the roadblocks to the mainstream adoption of liquid cooling. How scalable and serviceable is this technology? What challenges exist when integrating more complex systems into mission critical environments? Our experts will examine the costs and ROI of implementation and consider whether the ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality is holding back the industry’s progress in this area.

Jon Summers | Research Institute of Sweden

Core liquid cooling technologies for heat rejection

This session will address the methods and trends in liquid cooling relating to absorption of heat from the servers, and how this compares with methods for rejecting heat to the ambient, commenting on the pros and cons of various approaches.

Keith Dunnavant | Munters

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