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Panel: The tools and the people: How are technologies acting as a catalyst for modernising data center operations?

This episode will stream live at 10am EDT (UTC-4) on October 5

With the myriad challenges data centers face, it is imperative for the operator’s toolkit to evolve to better streamline, monitor and control critical functions. However in an ecosystem where the number of potential threats, both inside and outside an organization continues to grow, data centers need to leverage technology to develop a robust physical and digital infrastructure to future proof their businesses. However despite the promise of AI, automation and ML being somewhat of a ‘silver bullet’, data centers need to ensure they are utilising cutting edge technologies in the right way to obtain the most value from them. So where to start?

This episode will explore how technologies such as AR and VR are being utilised to provide superior monitoring in an operation, providing real time insights to mitigate against issues to allow operators to move from a reactive to proactive way of working. This kind of technology can also be leveraged to allow staff to work remotely, providing data centers with an opportunity to access the best talent, as well as providing greater visibility to customers to enhance the value of their investments. Additionally, this session will explore whether the growing use of technologies for data center management beckons a new era of DCIM, and whether it has found its place in the evolving data center landscape.