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Nuclear talk: Small modular reactors are the future of data center power

As the demand for data center capacity continues to surge, the quest for reliable, resilient, and sustainable power solutions intensifies. Small modular reactors (SMRs) present a compelling opportunity to revolutionize the data center power landscape, offering compact, scalable, and emissions-free energy generation capabilities. This episode explores the transformative potential of SMRs and their integration into the future of data center power infrastructure.

  • Hear an in-depth examination of the unique attributes of SMRs and their suitability for meeting the evolving energy needs of data centers
  • Gain insights into the technical aspects of SMR deployment, including reactor design, licensing requirements, and operational considerations specific to data center environments
  • Delve into the economic and environmental benefits of incorporating SMRs into data center power portfolios
  • Learn how leveraging SMRs can help with energy independence, reduce reliance on traditional grid infrastructure, and mitigate the risks associated with volatile energy markets