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The Fairmont

Energy procurement: finding the right balance between price, risk and carbon-neutral demand

U.S. data centers use more than 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, requiring roughly 34 giant (500-megawatt) coal-powered plants. With the number of data centers expected to double in number by 2021, the world’s largest energy consumers are initiating a shift to renewable energy to power the internet economy and address climate risk. As a result, more utilities have begun to offer data-center operators access to large-scale renewable energy to support consumers in achieving sustainable economic development. Attend this lunch to gain insight into the electricity market in your region, learn how to overcome regulatory inhibitors to renewable supply and find out how site location may dictate energy cost and contract options.

If you are interested in attending and think you may qualify as a VIP, please contact our VIP Manager, Rose Crowhurst at [email protected] to reserve your place.