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Fireside Chat: Greening power infrastructure to enhance energy efficiency

This episode will be streaming on the 17th of May at 9am EDT

The move to renewable energy as a power source has indisputably helped the data center industry become more sustainable, however when it comes to onsite generation, power is not being managed in a way that fully aligns with net-zero targets. Data centers have huge deltas between peak and nominal demand, so what happens to the redundant power, and how can we innovate power infrastructure to mitigate against wasting these assets?

Despite the trend towards grid interactivity, data centers need to do more. Critically, energy storage needs to be enhanced in order to mitigate against power redundancy, whether this ends up being used inside or outside the data center. In order to advance this change, the challenge of batteries needs to be addressed - with so many options out there, which is the right one, and how scalable are they? Expert speakers will also address how automation and innovative software like VPS can be leveraged to aid in the management of energy, minimise wastage and ultimately operate in a more sustainable manner.