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Tech showcase: Innovations in Critical Power

This session took place on July 20, 2022

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Tech showcase: Innovations in Critical Power

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FIAMM: The role of batteries in supporting critical power.

The correct design and maintenance of a UPS solution for a data centre is complex. Batteries are a key part of the system and help to ensure energy reliability. But how does a customer make the right choice? The answer is often a trade-off between a proven well engineered solution, budget constraints and most

recently, environmental demands? 

FIAMM, a recognised leader in battery back-up power, works with customers on a project-by-project basis to help make this right choice. The presentation will explain the considerations customers need to make to arrive at the correct backup power solution.

DEIF: AGC4 MKII and Design for Reliability

In a time where grid reliability and cost are becoming a challenge, there is a shifting in demand for quality, intelligent but above all reliable back up power alternatives. Be it greener technologies such as wind or solar, looking to become less grid reliant or even moratoriums restricting power consumption DEIF can offer a range of power management controls that suit every application or budget. Working with some of the largest global players in fossil and renewable power systems our presentation looks at the who, what, when and why designing for reliability should be at the forefront of every project.

Our system design and consultancy services cover everything from initial engagement, to training, to on site commissioning. We also manufacture the markets most advanced controllers, including the AGC4 MKII. With key features such as “Multi Master”, negating Master/ Slave, “Hot Standby” for full redundancy and our “Emulation” tool which allows you to see the system on a desktop in any scenario prior to commissioning, it is not just a controller it is an Intelligent, reliable and proven platform operating on every continent and in multiple critical power applications.

Whether it is design advice or proven uptime you need, you’re an engineer, consultant or an owner/ operator wanting the best for your client, DEIF are mastering the power in critical power.

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