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Harnessing tidal power to decarbonise data centres

This session took place on July 23, 2020

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Harnessing tidal power to decarbonise data centres

As hyperscalers grapple with the identification of ‘renewable-friendly’ locations for their data center campuses and become serial developers of energy projects in their own right, naturally attention turns to the land and alternate power options which have yet to be explored.

Enter AECOM, who undertook feasibility assessment for the developers of the largest tidal-powered data center in the world - SIMEC Atlantis; whose mission is to prove how reliable and predictable tidal power can be for operators eager to balance sustainable sourcing with power-hungry computing.

Attend this session to hear how AECOM undertook the feasibility assessment for a double-digit MW data center with unique access to predictable renewable generation and grid back-up.

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