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Maximizing ROI with the most trusted publisher in the industry

DCD>Digital Weeks deliver targeted regional audiences online, to maximise partner ROI and drive down costs. Delivered by the most trusted media brand in the industry, they support year-round brand engagement, thought-leadership and demand generation in key geographic locations experiencing growing data center demand. Delivering 700+ digital registrations, DCD>Canada has been specifically designed to deliver marketing value at all key stages of the B2B technology buyer journey:

Digital engagement at a glance

  • Magazine 46,000+ Digital subscribers
  • Webinar & engagement.jpg 9,529 Webinar viewers annually
  • people icon 700+ Digital week attendees
  • Webinar & engagement.jpg 350,000+ engagement minutes

Delivering solutions across the buyer journey

  • Awareness and trust

    Why it is important: Brand trust makes you 64%

    more likely to win deals.

    Digital week solution:

    With an integrated marketing campaign delivering over

    200,000 emails and 300,000 online impressions, put your brand ahead with a digital week sponsorship

    driving unparalleled audience reach.

  • Committing to change

    Why it is important: 46% of buyers expect to be

    educated about industry challenges with enterprises 79% more likely to buy if they have read or engaged

    with your content.

    Digital week solution:

    With a content marketing approach not only does your

    marketing content receive mass exposure in the build

    up to the event, you can also drive interaction with

    whitepapers and polls during the event itself to ensure the problem is understood.

  • Learning to choose

    Why it is important:

    There are a minimum of 6.8 decision makers in every

    deal. Learning the USPs of your solution is key in driving successful procurement.

    Digital week solution:

    With DCD>Debates registering an average of

    200 attendees for every session and over 40 minutes

    of engagement time (Vs an industry average of just 22),

    it is the perfect thought-leadership tool to highlight

    market leadership and subject matter expertise.

  • Conversion & Selection

    Why it is important:

    With buyers considering at least 3 solutions during

    procurement phases, demand-generation and

    pipeline growth remains key to successful marketing


    Digital week solution:

    GDPR Compliant opt-ins of all digital-week attendees

    allow partners and sponsors the perfect opportunity for timely sales follow-up with targeted leads with a proven

    propensity to buy.

What our partners say

  • Top event for data center

    information and content – hands down. The best content by far of any event I have been to.

    Rob Nash-Boulden, Black & Veatch
  • Excellent conference. Great speakers covering

    relevant industry topics. Wonderful. I look forward to it every year!

    Robert Tudisco, Donnelly Mechanical
  • It’s an opportunity for us as a provider to learn what’s happening in the market. Talk and meet with clients, potential partners, and see what’s going on in the industry. The ability to share & learn, is why we participate at these events.

    Svein Atle Hagaseth, Green Mountain