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DCD>Debate: Meeting growing capacity demands over the next 5 years

The growth of Canada as an AI and digital technology hub, alongside attractive site-selection incentives has created growing data center demand across the region. These demands are being met not just from growth in on-premise and edge data centers, but enterprises are increasingly taking advantage of cloud and managed services options. Governments and businesses need to prepare for an ever-increasing cloud and workload, driving a growing need for more localised, agile and scalable IT infrastructure.

Looking ahead to the next 5 years, our expert panelists will debate:

  • How to balance on-prem vs managed services vs cloud workloads to meet future demands
  • Maintaining reliability and uptime with workloads increasing
  • Accelerating the development of digital infrastructure to meet the needs of tomorrow

All DCD>Canada Digital Week webinars will be shown at EST (Eastern Standard Time).