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How much can factory-built data centers speed up deployment?

This session took place on May 26, 2021

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How much can factory-built data centers speed up deployment?

The physical infrastructure behind emerging technologies such as the maturing edge ecosystem and inbound wave of IoT devices has been innovating, with a paradigm shift towards modularization that spans cable landing stations, to the largest bespoke data centers. Speed and scale are billed as the key differentiators but engaging design at an earlier stage and ensuring off-site modular constructability and transportability can negate this if operators do not possess the requisite expertise.

This session will provide a context-setting insight into how the modular building block approach has been changed by COVID and explain how all-in-one service modules with integrated IT, network, power, and cooling infrastructure can help operators avoid delays in building data center capacity, meeting the need for speed.

Roundtable: What will the future of modularization look like?

We invite you to join this roundtable discussion directly following this conference presentation to continue the conversation, get your questions answered, share your own insights and to find potential collaborators.

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