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The Data Center Construction Channel

Tech Showcase - Power & Cooling

This session took place on September 7, 2022

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Tech Showcase - Power & Cooling

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Vertiv: Rapid Deployment & Flexibility in ONE Solution

With the explosion in data and processing created by mobility, IoT, digitization and other trends, the need for reliable, efficient and scalable data centers and edge sites has never been greater. Vertiv combines our complete power, thermal and IT management offerings with our extensive IT expertise to deliver comprehensive infrastructure solutions that can help solve today´s world demand. These offerings, ranging from single racks to entire structures, are pre-configured and fabricated, then delivered to customers either in a plug-and-play format or in a modular format that can be deployed by the customer over time. All of our Infrastructure solutions are complemented with our software, controls and lifecycle services that will ensure our customers have right solution for their needs.

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