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Panel: Is the industry doing enough to plan for and build the data center of the future?

This episode will stream live at 11:00am GMT

With current macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, the markets for data center build have shifted, and constructors have had to adapt. But with the cost of energy crisis unlikely to go away anytime soon, land scarcity and clients increasingly demanding a move away from fossil fuels, this episode will consider whether data center design is doing enough.

In this episode, expert speakers will discuss how data centers are likely to look different in 2030. How will cost, energy and water efficiency and higher density fitout be integrated into designs, and is the industry doing enough to build for this now? Additionally, this episode will address how regulation is likely to evolve in different geographies and what the industry can do to meet these regulations. Furthermore, panelists will also give their perspectives on whether the definition of a ‘data center’ will even be the same.