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Panel: Reality check- How is edge playing out in North America?

This session took place on August 24, 2022

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Panel: From revolution to evolution - how is today’s Edge playing out in North America?

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After much hype about the “edge revolution,” the reality today is that the migration to edge computing is more of an evolution. Organizations are expanding their use of edge computing, but they are doing so in a controlled and managed way that is driving a gradual transition from the legacy edge to the purpose-built edge. However, this is not to say that the changes occurring are not significant.

In this panel our experts look inside today’s edge in North America and examine the edge archetypes and strategies that are coming to the fore. What are the emerging edge use cases? What alliances and partnerships are changing the edge landscape? What are the latest technological innovations and advancements to watch? And what will be the Edge infrastructure priorities in the region going forward?

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