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Panel: ECBC User Guide for Datacentres - Code Compliance and Achieving Energy Performance Levels

The industry has realised the necessity of energy efficiency in datacenter projects owing to advancement in technologies and also due to introduction of latest codes and standards, which would now be enforced by central as well as State Designated Agencies (SDA). Therefore, the industry is looking for evolution in reduction of IT load and peripheral load, thus to optimise cooling needs. In Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC 2017), datacenters have now introduced for code compliance, to achieve minimum energy performance. The code has addressed several measures which would offer tangible benefits and reduce energy demand in datacenters. The ECBC User Guide for Datacenters has been developed by IGBC and LBNL US. The recommendations are made in the guideline (for areas such as HVAC, Cooling, Electrical and IT-Hardware & Software) to achieve minimum energy performance as well as Level-II and Level-III. The implementation of measures would offer significant energy cost savings. The panel would discuss about the opportunities in energy efficiency in data centres and also elaborate on code compliance and energy performance levels