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Improving Efficiency of Datacentres with Smart Power Solutions

UPS in a datacenter has been primarily used to ensure uninterrupted operations with multiple levels of redundancy to maintain the availability. The traditional solution of using lead-acid batteries with UPS have a poor track record, and are often a weak link, with multiple strings of lead acid batteries requiring high maintenance and frequent replacement. Smart Power Solutions is an unique power solution designed by incorporating next generation energy storage solutions with Li-Ion Battery and a combination of Li-Ion with conventional Lead acid battery to improve availability while optimising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Smart Power Solutions will also provide the flexibility to use renewable energy sources as a secondary source of power to achieve multiple levels of redundancy and to maintain the availability without comprising the operational efficiency of the data centre. With Smart Power Solutions, efficient strategies can be deployed that shave the peak power demand with the aim of reducing the datacenter’s operating expenses.